Jevons Plastics Co., Ltd has a strong sense of social responsibility. As "World Conservation Strategy" pointed out and emphasized, which has been jointly published by the world conservation union (IUCN), the United Nations environment programme (UNEP), and the WWF,

Only by studing nature, society, ecology, economy and using the basic relationship of natural resources can ensure ensure sustainable global development

——《World Conservation Strategy》

Jevons Co., Ltd responds positively and likewise to the call of the green world. In its products, environmental protection, excellence, high quality and innovation has been insisted. In person, integrity, pragmatism, morality has been advocated. We believe, only by insisting producing green products can protect our earth ecology, and let the society develop sustainably further. We also believe our high quality, excellent, and innovative prodcuts will bring contributions to the society. At the same time, our staffs keep the traits of integrity, pragmatism, morality that will give more sense of trust to our customers.

This is our characteristic "Jevons" enterprise culture.