Special Environmental Protection Stabiliser for Cable Materials, High-Quality Calcium and Zinc Stabilisers, Hard Special Calcium and Zinc Stabilisers

2017-12-06 15:07:49 1478
Dongguan Jiaquan Plastic Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest joint ventures in China engaged in R&D, production and operation of PVC non-toxic environmental protection thermal stabilisers. Strong technology, leading quality, can compete with foreign brands. The products are widely used in wire and cable, PVC hose, hard pipe, PVC edge sealing strip, Teslin net industry, special-shaped extrusion, wallpaper, toys, gifts, trademarks, gloves, leather and other industries. It complies with EU ROHS, PAHS and REACH standards, and does not contain substances of high concern in phthalates, PFOA and PFOS. In addition, it distributes pigments and rubber and plastic additives produced by many well-known enterprises at home and abroad. We will adhere to the fine tradition of the past 20 years and provide excellent quality and excellent services for the global industry.

Main business: PVC environmental protection stabiliser, environmental protection calcium and zinc stabiliser, PVC special additives, high-grade organic pigments, special environmental protection stabilisers for cable materials, high-quality calcium and zinc stabilisers, hard special calcium and zinc stabilisers, transparent stabilisers, liquid banium zinc stabilisers, liquid calcium and zinc stabilisers, liquid potassium and zinc stabilisers, hard stability Equivalents, etc. Welcome new and old customers to call for consultation! Looking forward to cooperating with you!