Floor Application - Jevons Calcium Zinc Stabilizers

Product Feature:
●Non-poisonous, environmental, and harmless. It can replace lead salt, organic tin stabilizer.
●Excellent heat stability and tinting strength in initial stage. Long term stability and weathering resistance.
●Increase tenacity and promote fusion. Good fluidity in plasticization phrase. No plate out phenomenon.
●Special effect on coupling. Vests dispersity to stuffing bulking agent and enhances associative property to resin. Improves color brightness and firmness of products. Perfects appearance of products. Increases property of products.
Application Scenarios:
Luxury vinyl tile, wood plastic composite, stone plastic composite
Product Composition:
Ca-Zn and other organic compounds.

*Product Brand: Jevons®

*Product Model: CZ-218A, CZ-768, CZ-708

*Package: 20KG/BAG(Paper Bag), Please keep it under seal in dry, cool place.

Our company solemn promise:supplies match to samples which has been tested and proved by customers.Abovedata is provided according to general conditions.For actual use,please follow with authentic processing conditions.Based on the existence of various objective factors,our company cannot accept responsibility for any misuse or anydamage casued by using inappropriate formula.

It has very good dispersity, consistency, and fluidity with PVC in the manufacturing process.

   It has a wide range of adaptability, and can make high surface finish products. It also can enhance the whiteness of white products betther than other stabilizers.

 It is free of heavy metals and other toxic components and impurities.

 It is versatility and practicability. It also have high efficiency and weatherability.

I: Detailed Introduction of Stabilizer: 

1. Calcium zinc heat stabilizer belongs to PVC composite heat stabilizer. 

2. PVC thermal stabilizer is mainly added in the process of PVC polymerization. A long time ago, people are aware that PVC can only be processed and molded at 160 ℃, and it will begin to resolve at 120-130 ℃, releasing HCI gas. And the decomposition of PVC will be intensified if the gas is not suppressed. 

3. The scientists found that if a small amount of lead salt, metal soap, phenol, aromatic amine and other impurities were added during PVC production process which will not affect the processing and application, and can also defer its thermal decomposition effect 

4. PVC Stabilizer can be divided into the main stabilizer and auxiliary stabilizer according to its function . Because a good stabilizer for PVC requires a variety of stabilizers, so here comes composite heat stabilizer. Composite heat stabilizer is divided into lead salt stabilizer, organic tin stabilizer, calcium-zinc composite stabilizer, barium-zinc composite stabilizer and potassium-zinc stabilizer. Among them, calcium zinc stabilizer is the highest cost-effective one, due to its processing, environment, factory costs etc, and has been promoted and used widely. 

II: Use Classification: 

Applicable to the processing of PVC products. Widely used in plastic, coating, impregnation, extrusion, injection molding, calendaring, wiredrawing etc. 

III: Morphological Classification: 

Solid Calcium-Zinc stabilizer, liquid calcium-Zinc stabilizer 

IV: Main Functions:

1. Replacing the organic tin stabilizer, lead salt stabilizer, and other environmentally-friendly stabilizer to meet environmental hygiene requirements. 

2. Excellent initial whiteness and thermal stability, and resistance to sulfur pollution. 

3. Good lubrication and unique coupling effect, making the filler with good dispersibility. Enhancing the cover with resin, improving the performance of products, reducing mechanical wear and prolong the service life of the equipment. 

4. Toughening and promoting function, with good plasticizing fluidity. 

5. Giving good uniform plasticizing and high-speed melt fluidity to PVC mixtures, making products with smooth surface.

V: Product Applications:

 WPC flooring

SPC flooring 

 LVT flooring

Our company solemn promise: supplies match to samples which has been tested and proved by customers. Above data is provided according to general conditions. For actual use, please follow with authentic processing conditions. Based on the existence of various objective factors, our company cannot accept responsibility for any misuse or any damage casued by using inappropriate formula.