Profile Application - Jevons Calcium Zinc Stabilizers

Product Feature:
●Non-poisonous, environmental, and harmless. It can replace lead salt, organic tin stabilizer.
●Excellent heat stability and tinting strength in initial stage. Long term stability and weathering resistance.
●Increase tenacity and promote fusion. Good fluidity in plasticization phrase. No plate out phenomenon.
●Special effect on coupling. Vests dispersity to stuffing bulking agent and enhances associative property to resin. Improves color brightness and firmness of products. Perfects appearance of products. Increases property of products.
Application Scenarios:
Shutter, edge bonding of furniture, and other profiles.
Product Composition:
Ca-Zn and other organic compounds.

*Product Brand: Jevons®

*Product Model: CZ-738, CZ-728, CZ-758

*Package: 20KG/BAG(Paper Bag), Please keep it under seal in dry, cool place.